The Widgawa cabins are authentically historic:
the lodge and first cabins were built to 
accommodate prospectors and goldminers
in the nineteen twenties.
The other cabins were added in 1949
when Widgawa became a holiday resort.
The cabins are "housekeeping", or
"self catering" in more current terms,
and range in size from: 
2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 guests each
Collectively, Widgawa cabins can accommodate 42 in cabin beds, before adding cots.
Each housekeeping cabin/cottage
comes fully equipped with:
bed, bedding & linens.
(Linens, extra $5 on single night stay),
electric lighting & power outlets,
kitchen utensils, and electric cooking, refrigerator, electric heating,
hot (most) and cold running water,
two piece bathroom
and central private shower facilities.
Water supply certified SAFE!
All services are constantly being improved upon.
Cottages may be reserved up to a year in advance, but not more.
Widgawa offers longer term cottage rental for those on major projects, such as painting, writing, photographic or video recording expeditions into Killarney Provincial Park, the La Cloche Mountains, Manitoulin Island and the north shore area.
Please reserve early,
to avoid disappointment!
  1. Cabin 3
    Cabin 3
  2. Cabin 1
    Cabin 1
  3. Cabin 2
    Cabin 2
  1. Cabin 7
    Cabin 7
  2. Cabin 4
    Cabin 4
  3. Cabin 6
    Cabin 6
  1. Cabin 8
    Cabin 8
  2. Cabin 9
    Cabin 9
  3. Cabin 11
    Cabin 11
Dog Rules
Your canine unit will be most welcome at Widgawa,
provided that he/she is well behaved and pleasant natured
with people and other pets.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash and in control of owner, at all times
  • Dogs must NOT be left unattended in cabin or on the grounds at any time
  • Dogs must NOT be allowed on beds or linens
  • Dogs or their owners MUST NOT pester other guests at any time
  • Please advise at time of reservation if your are bringing Hiker along; 
  • only $25 per visit
  • A $50 deposit is required upon check in to cover cleaning risks,               (which will be refunded in full at time of check out -                                                if there is no trace of Hikers passing!)
  • Please Stoop & Scoop!
No Excessive Noise at any time! No Fireworks!

Cancellation Policy: Reservation deposits are non-refundable.
Prices may change without notice.
Prices are exclusive of HST.